Ted Bruner

Howdy, I'm a songwriter & producer at Kobalt.
Below are some songs I've written & produced.
Studio pics & contact info are at the bottom.

Ted Bruner,Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace
Outsider album (RCA Records)

"The Abyss"           co-writer
"Me Against You"    co-writer

ted bruner,katy perry

Katy Perry
One of the Boys album (Capitol Records)

"Lost"                       co-writer/producer
"I Think I'm Ready"    co-writer/producer

ted bruner,my darkest days

My Darkest Days
Self-Titled album (Island/Mercury)

"Pornstar Dancing"       co-writer
                                  * #1 Rock Single *
"Set it on Fire"             co-writer
"Fucked up Situation"   co-writer

ted bruner,selena gomez
Selena Gomez
Kiss and Tell album (Hollywood Records)

"Kiss and Tell"        co-writer/co-producer
"Falling Down"       co-writer/co-producer
                            * 1st Single *
"Stop and Erase"    co-writer/co-producer
"Crush"                  co-writer/co-producer

ted bruner,three days grace
Three Days Grace
Human album (RCA Records)

"Fallen Angel"   co-writer  * 4th Single *

Ted Bruner,Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Breakout album (Hollywood Records)

"Breakout"   co-writer

Ted Bruner,Hinder

All American Nightmare (Universal Records)

"Good Life"   co-writer

Ted Bruner,Jessie James

Jessie James
Self-Titled album (Island/Mercury)

"Bullet"                   co-writer/co-producer
"Girl Next Door"      co-writer/co-producer

Ted Bruner,Plain White T's

Plain White T's
Hey There Delilah album (Fearless Records)

"Down the Road"   co-writer

Ted Bruner,Kesha

"Aliens Invading"   co-writer / producer
"Frenzy"               co-writer / producer
"True Love"           co-writer / producer
"Lost Weekend"     co-writer

Ted Bruner, Katy Perry

Katy Perry
MTV Unplugged EP (Capitol Records)

"Lost"   co-writer

Ted Bruner,Bowling For Soup,Ohio

Bowling For Soup
A Hangover You Don't Deserve (Jive Records)

"Ohio"     co-writer   * 3rd Single *


Marie Digby
Unfold album (Hollywood Records)

"Spell"          co-writer
"Kolewa"       co-writer
"Girlfriend"   co-writer
"Fool"           co-writer

Ted Bruner,My Darkest Days

My Darkest Days
Sick & Twisted Affair album (Island/Mercury)

"Casual Sex"                  co-writer * 1st Single *
"Sick & Twisted Affair"  co-writer * 2nd Single *
"Again"                         co-writer
"Rolling Stoned"            co-writer

Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha
(Warner Bros)

"Lemme Lemme Out"     co-writer

Ted Bruner,Cavo
Thick as Thieves album (Eleven Seven)

"Thick as Thieves"   co-writer  * 1st Single *
"California"            co-writer
"Ready to Go"         co-writer

Celebrate,James Durbin

James Durbin
Celebrate album (Wind Up Records)

"Celebrate"                       co-writer
"Children Under the Sun"   co-writer
"Real Love"                       co-writer

Ted Bruner,Wizards of Waverly Place

Selena Gomez
Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney)

"Magic"   co-producer  * 1st Single *

Ted Bruner,Genevieve

(Wind Up Records)

"The Enemy"   co-writer

Ted Bruner,Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem
(Sony Australia)
"Leave You With Love"   co-writer

Ted Bruner,Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker
Comin Home album (19 Entertainment)

"Breakin Your Heart"   co-writer / producer
"Diary"                       co-writer / producer
"Girls Night"                 co-writer

Ted Bruner,Amy Meredith
Amy Meredith
(Sony Australia)

"Under My Skin"     co-writer
"Golden Crucifix"   co-writer
"Miss You"              co-writer

Ted Bruner,Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker
Spark album (Dorado)

"Cool Kids"                co-writer / producer
"I Found You"             co-writer
"Sunday Afternoon"   co-writer
"Against the Wall"      co-writer

Ted Bruner,The Action Design
The Action Design
(Pop Smear Records)

"Landmines"           co-writer
"10 Feet of Snow"   co-writer

Ted Bruner,Shut Up StellaShut Up Stella
(Epic Records)

"Light it Up"                   co-writer
"Welcome to My Pary"   co-writer
"On My Bed"                   co-writer
"These are the Days"    co-writer
"Waiting For You"          co-writer

Ted Bruner,Kate McGill

Kate McGill
Replaced album

"The Key"   co-writer

Ted Bruner,Colony

Siren album (MCA/Universal Records)

Entire album    co-writer

Ted Bruner,Colony
Who I Wanted to Be album (Beyond Music)

Entire album    co-writer

Ted Bruner

Self-Titled indie album

Entire album    co-writer/producer

Ted Bruner
Baby Mama Movie Soundtrack

"Welcome to My Party"    co-writer

Ted Bruner

Rat Race Movie Soundtrack
(Beyond Music)

"Happy"   co-writer

Random shots:
(Click images to enlarge)

Ted Bruner,Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez and I after recording at Universal.
Ted Bruner,Katy Perry
Katy Perry asleep in the studio under her pizza blanket.

Three Days Grace,Matt Walst,Neil Sanderson,Barry Stock,Brad Walst,Ted Bruner
Writing with Three Days Grace in Nashville.
Ted Bruner,Kesha
Writing about love & aliens with Kesha at Universal.

Ted Bruner,Jessie James
Jessie James and I writing in Venice Beach.
Ted Bruner,Tom Higgenson,Tommy Cantillon
Plain White T's Tom Higgenson with Tommy Cantillon & I
 at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

Ted Bruner,Bebe Rexha
Writing with Bebe Rexha on the beach in Venice.
Ted Bruner,Matt Walst
Writing with Matt from 3 Days Grace in Vancouver.

Ted Bruner,LIT
Getting lit with LIT in Venice Beach.
Ted Bruner,Delta Goodrem
Writing with Delta Goodrem at her home in Hollywood.

Ted Bruner,Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez in the studio at Universal.
Ted Bruner,Josh Freese,Trey Vittetoe
Me, Josh Freese, & Trey Vittetoe at The Village Recorder.

Ted Bruner,Cavo
Late night with Cavo in Venice Beach.
Ted Bruner,Marie Digby
Writing with Marie Digby in Venice Beach.

Ted Bruner,Pete Wentz,Bebe Rexha
Writing with Pete Wentz & Bebe Rexha in Venice Beach.
Ted Bruner,James Durbin
Lunch with American Idol Finalist James Durbin.

Ted Bruner,Gina Schock,Trey Vittetoe
Writing with Trey Vittetoe & Gina Schock from the Go Go's.
Ted Bruner,Jessie James
Recording Jessie in Venice Beach.

Ted Bruner,Amy Meredith
Amy Meredith's Joel & Christian in Venice Beach.
Ted Bruner,Joey Moi,Matt Walst
Writing with Matt Walst & Joey Moi in Vancouver.

Ted Bruner, Austin John,Hinder,Austin Winkler
Writing with Austin from Hinder in Venice Beach.
Ted Bruner,Bonnie Mckee
Writing with Bonnie McKee at Universal.

Ted Bruner,The Go Go's,Timothy B Schmidt,Jon Bon Jovi,Miles Copeland
Writing at Miles Copeland's Castle in France
with The Go Go's, Timothy B Schmit, & Jon Bon Jovi.
Simon Collins,Jon Armstrong,Ted Bruner,Matt Hickenbotham,John Stuller,Colony
Simon Collins from MCA with my old band in Malibu.

Ron Moss, Josh Freese, Marie Digby & I at Henson Studios.
Ted Bruner,Kesha
Kesha & her toothbrush at Universal.

Recording with Jason McEntire at Sawhorse Studio.
Greg, Scott, me, and Blue at Warner Chappell.

Ted Bruner, CU Denver
Speaking at University of Colorado Denver.
Ted Bruner,Bella and Lilly
Writing field trip with Bella & Lilly in Colorado.